The ARK™ Efavirenz Assay is a homogeneous enzyme immunoassay intended for the quantitative determination of efavirenz in human serum or plasma on automated clinical chemistry analyzers. The serum or plasma concentration of efavirenz, used in combination with other clinical information, may aid in the management of patients treated with efavirenz. Measurements of efavirenz are intended to help ensure appropriate therapy or to monitor adherence.

For Export Only — Not for Sale in USA

5017-0001-00 ARK™ Efavirenz Assay R1 28mL / R2 14mL
5017-0002-00 ARK™ Efavirenz Calibrator 1 x 4mL / 5 x 2mL
5017-0003-00 ARK™ Efavirenz Control 3 x 4mL
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