The ARK™ Tramadol Assay is an immunoassay intended for the qualitative and/or semiquantitative determination of tramadol in human urine at a cutoff concentration of 100 ng/mL. The assay is intended for use in laboratories with automated clinical chemistry analyzers. This in vitro diagnostic device is for prescription use only.

5040-0001-00 ARK™ Tramadol Assay R1 28mL, R2 14mL
5040-0001-01 ARK™ Tramadol Assay R1 115mL, R2 58mL
5040-0001-02 ARK™ Tramadol Assay R1 500mL, R2 250mL
5040-0002-00 ARK™ Tramadol Calibrator 5 x 10mL
5040-0002-01 ARK™ Tramadol Calibrator 2 x 10mL; Negative
5040-0002-02 ARK™ Tramadol Calibrator 2 x 10mL; 100 ng/mL Cutoff
5040-0003-00 ARK™ Tramadol Control 2 x 10mL; LOW 75 ng/mL
2 x 10mL; HIGH 125 ng/mL